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Saturday, May 21, 2005

15 feathers

For a period of several months, I regularly received crow feathers; I stumbled across them in various places almost weekly for several months, and though, I've always had crows around me, since I was a teen, and loved watching their bold and audacious antics, I found myself paying particularly close attention to them once they started leaving me feathers. I still get gifted with their feathers on occasion and they are still always around me as they live around my house in the large trees in our neighborhood, that period of regularly scheduled bi-monthly gifts has passed.

But the 15 feathers I received really caused me to focus on the energy of the crows around me and try to figure out what they symbolized in my life. What I discovered really resonated with me; crows are shapeshifters, comedians and tricksters among other things. The more I learned about them, the less absolute I felt about my previously set-in-stone personal dogmas. It was a transformational time for me, internally, at least, and learning everything I could find about the various symbolic meanings of the messages I seemed to be finding everywhere was a big priority.

Places like this one were really helpful in connecting with the meaning of what I now know to be one of my totem animals (and a generous provider of feathers for the magick that only Brother Crow can provide, trickster that he is).

Another interesting place (regarding the numerical symbolism of 5s) is this.

Denise Linn's The Secret Language of Signs was also a great resource for unraveling the symbols all around us, clamoring to get our attention.

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