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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

blogger issues

While I was at class tonight (dreamweaver I for my web design certificate ironically and embarrassingly enough) I decided to take a peek at my blog, just because I'd never seen what it looked like on a windows run PC viewed in IE (coz you see I have an eMac and use Netscape just to be obstinate ya know)... OH.... HORRORS!!!!

I had no idea, none at all how completely and totally messed up my already amateurish little blog looked till I saw it at school. YIKES! My apologies to... well most of the population I suppose. I take full blame for it, because the Blogger Template itself renders quite nicely... when those who have no clue don't mess around with it ~ ummm, yeah, that would be me and it appears I've got a verrrrry lonnnng way to go before I actually begin to earn that certificate I'm aiming for...

Anyway, I'm totally embarrassed and I tried to figure out what I've done to mess it all up while at school, but after all I was at school, doing something else, and frankly, I've absolutely no idea exactly what the problem was. By the time I left, I still hadn't figured it out, so I've been tweaking at home. The only problem is, since on my computer (on both Netscape and IE actually) there is no problem, I've no idea if I've fixed the problem or not. And the problem that I saw at school was that the sidebar appears underneath the blog body/content.

At first I thought it was because of the banner (and it may well have something to do with it but just reducing the banner image itself did not solve the problem). I tried to compare the source code with an example of the original template and I did find a few discrepencies but I just have no idea if what I did to attempt to fix it worked at all or not. So if anyone could let me know whether it is still skewed in windows/ie or not, and if so if anyone knows what I can do to fix it I will be most grateful.

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