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Monday, May 02, 2005

be yourself

Audioslave's latest CD will be out May 24th! One of about a handful of my favourite current bands, I'm anxious to hear the whole thing, but you can hear Be Yourself (sounds great!) when you click on their official site link and you can also access the video there as well. AND if you've got a PC and Windows Media Player (which I DON'T...bleah!) you can download Your Time Has Come by going here. Lucky, lucky you! As for me, I guess I'll be cooling my heels till May 24th. oh well...

The tour kicks off tomorrow in Atlanta and they will be at the HOB in San Diego on May 17th and now that I've (ostensibly) got the power I wonder if I dare press my luck (and my considerable greediness) and get tickets.... but that's on a Wednesday anyway, so I'm guessing that's a sign from the gods that I'd better not. Hmmmm, but they are gonna be at the Wiltern in LA on the 20th which is a Saturday...

No, probably not in the cards for me this time. awwwww.... Anyway, you can check out their tour dates for yourself at

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