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Thursday, June 30, 2005

new lessons from the old world

The European Model for Falling in Love with Your Hometown by Jay Walljasper notes some key differences between old world and new world city layouts:

What explains the fact that most European cities gracefully end at some point, giving way to green countryside at their edges, unlike the endless miles of sprawl in America? How is it that public life and street culture feel so much richer? Why do you seldom see slums?

Intrigued by these questions, I have returned to Europe over a number of years seeking answers. In scores of interviews with urban planners, transportation authorities, politicians, activists, and everyday citizens, I learned that a clear set of public policies accounts for the different spirit of European metropolitan centers. It’s not just the antiquity of the towns, but also the way people there think about urban life.

A fascinating article with some ideas on re-thinking the way our local environment can be improved.

Also another link with some great and innovative ideas: Project for Public Spaces: Placemaking for Communites.

Both links (and lots more really great ones as related to the subject, as well) found via Utne Webwatch Dwelling on Place News.

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