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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

reverberations from the echo chamber leaves me cold

Yes, I'm avoiding talking about the President's speech yesterday. To be honest, I'm just very so very sad and very weary of this pathetic situation that we find ourselves in and there is no glimmer of hope that straight talk will ever be forthcoming from this administration. Right now I'm at a pretty low point, just feeling drained and demoralized and in need of some R&R from all this nonsense. Unfortunately, that is luxury we pretty much can't afford right now though.

Time better spent would be to go sign a couple of petitions, one from Sen. Ted Kennedy calling for accountability and a better plan for success in Iraq and one from Wes Clark, a petition urging Chairman John Warner of the Senate Armed Services Committee to hold hearings on the Bush Administration's statements, policies, orders, and actions related to prisoner abuse.

You can find easy link accessibility to both, courtesy of Word Whammy's Two For One ~ Call for Action post here.

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