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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

some gave all

The Daily Blatt has some very telling maps and info here confirming what I'd already had more than a sneaking suspicion over:

"Not only do the Blue States pay the preponderance of taxes to the Federal government which then proceeds to spend most of its take in the Red States, it seems that the Blue States are also suffering a disproportionate share of the casualties from the Iraq war. I guess they figure what's some extra deaths of folks that weren't going to vote for them anyway, right.

And lest you wingnuts bleat that most of the military is Republican, well that's not true. Recent polls show that a majority of enlisted personel are Democrats while a similar percentage of the officers are Republican. So, who do you think has a greater chance of dying in combat, a general or a pfc. You do the math."

One thing I've been very aware of living here in South California; a great number of losses have been from residents of this state.

Your move, Mr. Rove.

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