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Thursday, July 14, 2005

this just in: fox news is the administration apologists news network

Yes, I'm in a REALLY BAD MOOD TODAY. I am sick to death of this dog and pony show AKA Bu$hAmerika. IF you are watching Fox News and only Fox and you are swallowing the vile they are spoon~feeding you, then you are in a world of trouble.

The last week or so, that regrettable disinformation network has reached disproportionally high levels of delusion; I never would have believed it possible, but they've actually managed to outdo their previous levels of shamelessness.

It's stunning to me that the very people who claim to disdain the notion of a Pravda~like national propaganda machine masquerading as news are the ones most likely to be ponying up to this deplorable news source as their sole window on the world.

This angers, disgusts and frankly, terrifies me.

That is all. Film at eleven.

(links via and thanks to Oliver Willis and Media Matters for America)

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