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Thursday, September 15, 2005

bob denver dies at 70

and so does a precious little piece of my childhood. Yep, this is late and a bit of old news, and just one more thing I couldn't handle posting a couple of days ago. I know it's all been written and said by now, but I just had to commemorate the passing of one who was an iconic comfort-fixture in my childhood.

Like a million other kids (of probably more than one generation) I can remember the sight and sounds of Gilligan's Island (and I Love Lucy and Get Smart and Green Acres and Star Trek AND Lost in Space) as happy background noise to homework assignments and after-school snacks. Dobie Gillis was a bit before my time but I was lucky enough to catch a few of those shows much later on in life thanks to Nickelodeon. But for me Bob Denver was and will always be mine, and everybody's ultimate (Little) Buddy.

Losing Bob Denver is like losing the best goofy big brother anybody could ever have. Goodbye innocent days and half-forgotten dreams. Goodbye belly laughs untouched by the big big and all too real grownup world. Goodbye, Gilligan. May your world now be full of coconut cream pies and all things beautiful. Thanks for the memories and the sweet sweet smiles. Thanks for being a part of some of the best memories of childhood.

Smooth sailing forever and ever, little buddy
image courtesy of Gilligan's

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