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Saturday, September 17, 2005

unconditional love ~ Full Moon in Pisces

Harvest Full Moon
Saturday, September 17, 2005
7:01 PM PDT / 10:01 PM EDT
Sun is Virgo, 25° 16'
Moon is Pisces, 25° 16'

Yesterday at the dinner table, waxing hysterically over "the terrible situation we find ourselves in", I dug myself into a hole of paranoid blustering so deep that my hubby and daughter actually had to leave the room. I think it was to keep from laughing in front of my face to be honest but I also think that they were embarrassed to watch me working myself into a great big tantrum of no return about things that we have little or no control over anyway.

So maybe it wasn't too much of a big surprise to find this little gem in my emailbox (dated for today's full moon):


Make sure you don't fall into a fantasy world as you lead the defense against the problems you face. It's not that your fears are totally the result of illusions, but you must monitor your own levels of paranoia. Take on the obstacles as they come, but don't build tiny molehills into impassable mountains.

Too bad I hadn't read that bit of great advice before I launched into my deranged soliloquy (hopefully it might have helped but I guess I'll never really know); and then also there was an email pointing to April Elliott Kent's latest essay (also Full Moon related) which once again nails it, capturing the essence of the energies that are running high and bringing so many of us down!

You can read her very wise words which are all about Letting Go of the Rope.

In astrology full moons are little mini-harvests, the culmination of that which we have reaped in a month's time; since this is the harvest moon it takes on an even greater symbolic significance and in view of what we have just experienced in recent events, the Full Moon in compassionate Pisces trying to balance out the emotionally overwhelming feelings we are literally drowning in with the more critical and exacting letter-of-the-law type judgment of the Virgo Sun.

Lunar Living Astrology has a really good little esoteric snapshot of the vibe of this particular Full Moon for astrological~minded among us.

It pays to take a big deep breath right now and try to collect myself. It helps to remind myself that everybody is being affected by the polarizing effects of this powerful oppositional energy, none more so than the people within our already completely polarized nation. People are speaking from their fears and many things that we say right now may not be particularly rational.

I won't bore you or embarrass myself with some of the things I said last night, but I will take advantage of pointing out some of the irrationality that I have heard lately ~ there are people out there actually espousing the idea that the $2000 debit cards are being spent by people who can't be sure of their next month's housing situation ~ on Louis Vuitton bags... yeah, I'm finding that one a bit hard to swallow; because 2 people evidently did it, it becomes the so-called mindset that all the victims are doing it. Amanda at Pandagon's got a lucid take on that whole mess. Don't believe that people would use this report as a reason to demonize or blame the group of victims as a whole? The woman Al Franken spoke to on Friday who gets her news and information from a right wing radio show seemed to think that this event was the norm and great justification for her disparaging attitude towards an entire group of displaced people. Just one example of a million more reactions based on fear and distrust of others.

Likewise, we have all been mirrors reflecting our collective anger and pain at each other; playing that blame game as the administration and their minion like to call it.

It's impossible not to feel outraged by what has just happened. It's even harder for each side to let go of those long-building hard feelings of mistrust and suspicion, the demonizatio of the other, no matter which side of the fence you happen to be sitting on. But I think there comes a time when we've got to pull back, if only for a moment and catch our collective breath, before we are all consumed by the bitterness and rage that threatens to over-take our very hope, our very sanity.

It doesn't mean that we should silence our voices of justified questions or stop taking appropriate action; nothing good will ever come of that, and much of what is wrong right now may very well be due to keeping silent when we should have been asking lots and lots of questions. But it just might mean that maybe (at least in my case), it is becoming increasingly important to balance those moments, to ensure that fear and anger doesn't become the over-riding emotions that drive those questions or actions. When it starts to get to be too much, I've got to be able to find a way to step out of that moment and just witness it; if my emotions run roughshod over that moment I'm going to lose something precious within myself.

I am believer of this: if we are not very careful we will become that which we hate. It is, in fact, that hatred, that emotionally irrational state that binds us to that which we despise, just as surely as if we had taken a blood oath with it. It's one of those karmic ironies in life. It is the biggest, the hardest, the most heartbreaking lesson we have to learn. How to keep our most powerful negative emotions from destroying everything in our path, including ourselves, even if that emotional response feels justified.

Unconditional love is the hardest thing we will ever have to learn to give, but not one of us is going to get a pass on it. Until we can learn to give into it, not one of us will be free from this Hell on Earth that we have created. No amount of transparently false proclamations that we hate the sin, but love the sinner will excuse us from this lesson. The Full Moon in Pisces is a symbolic reminder of that.

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