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Sunday, October 09, 2005

quake update and other sad news today :-(

Students Among Dead in South Asia.

Reports emerged Sunday in village after village of school buildings collapsing on top of students as the massive earthquake struck a remote region in Pakistan and India, killing more than 20,000 people.

And a ray of light:

World leaders act to help Asian quake nations.

Other unavoidably sad news items:

Post-Hurricane Stan Guatemala slide toll may hit 1,400.

And on the homefront, Flooding in 3 States Blamed for 3 Deaths.

I'm almost overwhelmed with guilt, grief and gratitude today. We are experiencing the most perfect day today, and I cannot help the mixed feelings I have over my own incredible fortune. On such a mild and beautiful Southern California autumn day it is unthinkable, obscene to realize that havoc has been wreaked all across the globe.

Living where I do, though, I'm fully aware that the only secure thing is the present moment, so I try to fully appreciate that momentary gift. How I wish I could share this moment with the rest of the world and replace it with what so many others have been experiencing instead.

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