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Friday, October 07, 2005

think, think, think

Read this, then watch these clips, then spend a little quality time with yourself and ruminate for a bit.

Think about everything you have seen, read, or heard (even on the internets) in the last 5 years; think about the things that you haven't heard, gaps or strange moments of silence, lack of explanation, glossing over of information.

Think about all the things that don't add up, don't quite make sense; think about the stakes in this dangerous game: Who and what matters? Who and what doesn't? Who is going to protect you and your family, your liberty? Who can you count on in a crisis? Or a natural disaster? Or a terrorist attack? Who has your best interest at heart? Shouldn't it be your commander-in-chief? Shouldn't it be your government?


Can you honestly say that it is? How I wish I could say it is...

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