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Thursday, November 10, 2005

help me, i'm lost....

I don't do the t.v. thing much and I haven't for years and years. I don't say this to try and sound superior or anything because I know I've probably missed some really good shows; it's just that I have other things that tend to occupy my entertainment time: music, my computer and my books. When I watch t.v. at all it is usually to catch a great old movie (just saw this recently...everything old is new again, eh?) or something that feeds my head or my wanderlust-deprived soul (I want all of these on dvd.... someday...).

As a result, I almost always either completely miss the latest greatest t.v. obsessions of the general public or I come to it most unfashionably late. A good example of that would be Sex and the City, which I finally discovered was a great show and a big fat addiction... but only well, WELL after my sister and my daughter had been watching it for years. The first episode I ever tried to watch was the one where they were discussing the number of men they'd slept with (or something to that effect) and when Miranda (or I think it was Miranda) indicated a number in the 40s, well, let's just say I really couldn't relate.... at all.

Then I tried again and started watching during the Aidan season. And naturally, I just fell in love with Aidan, and since I had no real investment in or knowledge or understanding of the true importance of Big, when the Aidan thing got messed up I was deeply disappointed and extremely put off and the series lost me again.

And that's a shame because the very best and beautiful thing about that show was the tight friendship these four smart and funny women shared, but I wasn't getting that much each time I tried to watch it.

I finally got hooked in earnest the last season, but this is the kind of weird relationship I have with t.v. series. Either I don't care enough to be committed to watching or I get committed and then it's often not as enjoyable an experience to me as it should be because I get too invested in the characters' lives and how they handle stuff.

Which is just... not sound, frankly. And probably one of the reasons I generally avoid allowing myself to watch anything in order to prevent getting way unhealthily over-involved in a piece of weekly fiction. BTW, I personally thought the last season of SatC was wonderful and the ending was a romantic dream come true; I loved how it ended on such a high, beautiful note! Yes, I obviously came to appreciate Mr. Big by season's end. And yes, I'm a major romance-aholic.

Anyway, of the sparse t.v. I've watched over the years, I tend to watch comedies but even that can cover some dangerous personal investment territory. I stopped watching Will and Grace and could only ever watch Friends intermittently because the romantic relationships made me crazy.

As for reality shows, I've never watched a single episode of any of them, and while I'm not putting anyone down for doing otherwise, I don't have any regret or any interest in doing so. I've never seen American Idol either; my one reality addiction was always Trading Spaces coz I love that sort of thing and the drama (if you could even call it that) is generally very very limited. Pretty much a happy little win-win situation most of the time; this I like ~ additional trauma in an already insane world, not so much a prescription for my viewing pleasure...

And limited has been the best descriptor of my t.v. intake over the last decade which has pretty much suited me fine. My one faithful viewing intake is Real Time with Bill Maher which just went on hiatus again till February - sob!

I don't even watch The Daily Show or The Colbert Report (because I never can remember until it is already over); thank The Heavens Above for my heroes at Liars and Crooks and onegoodmove for providing clips to the two smartest, funniest shows on t.v. or I would never get to see anything from either. Such is my inconsistent and tenuous relationship with televison.

So imagine my horror at developing a most definitely unintended but completely fullblown Jonesin for THIS!

My sister borrowed this from a friend at work and it was all downhill from there.

I got pulled into a certain scene well into the 3rd to the last episode of Season One and that was the end of my blissful ignorance about this pop culture phenomenon.

Yesterday marked the first official day of enduring the torture of watching one small hour and leaving me in frustrated nailbiting ignorance instead. Without question I would be much better off with the blissfully ignorant version, but alas, I fear it is much too late to go back.

Oh woe is me, I am so hopelessly Lost. And I really, Really, REALLY don't wanna be. I'd much rather be hooked on this ~ and if I ever make it my business to really find it and watch it regularly I have no doubt that I would be because other people's opinions be damned I would never complain about being the filling in a Shatner~Spader Sandwich and I totally love Candice Bergen (yep, I watched Murphy Brown faithfully... but as always waaaay after everyone else had been watching it for at least a season or two).

Though I'd probably be much better off watching something like Arrested Development or either one of the versions (or better yet both) of The Office, I know I'll probably end up watching Desperate Housewives next... much as I'm trying to avoid what I know is the fast food instant gratification of the big black comedic kind, but I'm holding out for as long as I possibly can coz with that one I could probably kiss my tenuous hold on sanity goodbye altogether. Till then, I remain, hopelessly.... lost....

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