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Friday, November 25, 2005

a sacred geometry teaser

If I've posted this before, forgive me, but I think this amusing little synopsis of Sacred Geometry is a great google-launching point for those new to the concepts that might just be inspired to find out more after this taste of it.

Actually, I'm almost positive I've posted's Spirals in Nature: The Magical Number behind Hurricans and Galaxies but I think it is a very cool online article that ties in well with the linkie on Sacred Geometry.

Other related linkies of interest:

Fibonacci Numbers and Nature and in Nature. (The Phisource)

The Golden Mean, or Golden Ratio or The Divine Proportion.

NGC 628 the Perfect Spiral Galaxy

This first light image from the Gemini North Telescope on
Hawaii's Mauna Kea shows a large galaxy in Pisces called
NGC 628 (or Messier 74). It has been called the Perfect
Spiral Galaxy due to its nearly ideal form, which is clearly
revealed in this new image.

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