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Monday, January 30, 2006

how did your magnet support the troops?

Egad, more apologies for not blogging regularly. People, I'm a mess right now... too much info I know. I swear things should be getting better in the next several weeks. At least I'm hoping. I'm just completely wiped out right now: I've got severe anemia and an appointment with a gynie specialist in three days. Then I expect it will be surgery and recovery. Right now, it's all I can do to get my butt to school and do the most limited home related stuff that I can manage. Sorry for the excuses but that's where I am right now.

However, I just got this in my email box and I had to spread the word. I've got a nephew in Iraq and so it means extra, extra much to me. If you can possibly do so, please give to this most worthy cause:

buy this sticker: proceeds help to buy body armour for our troops!

Received this info from Cranky Liberal today and here is the gist:

the next couple of weeks a new site will be launched called Bake Sales for Body Armor, it is a not-for-profit site that will be dedicated to raising money to buy body armor for the less fortunate men and women of our Armed Forces that cannot afford to buy it on their own. This not-for-profit is being endorsed by Bring It On! because we feel it is a disgrace that our own government cannot properly equip our brave men and women of the Armed Forces.

Bring It On! also felt that this is something that cannot wait and have decided to raise money in advance of the launch of Bake Sales for Body Armor . Please click on this link to donate and get a bumper sticker or shirt to show your support for this cause, all proceeds will be donated to Bake Sales for Body Armor . This is a non-partisan issue, the lives of our soldiers are at stake, please donate now!

After donating you can use this to put on your site and help get the word out.

And now a word from the creator of Bake Sales for Body Armor, Tammara Rosenleaf, who is a member of Military Families Speak Out (MFSO), Helena Peace Seekers, Just Don't Go and the Prairie Chapel 12. Tammara's husband Sean is currently serving in Iraq. Tammara can be reached at:

OK friends,

as many of you have been aware, Charlie Anderson of iraq vets against the war, and i have been working on this little project called bake sales for body armor.

this is because despite our government's best and fervent insistence, we keep getting reports of soldiers who do not have it, and are in Iraq, which is a stupid place to be in the first place, but really bad without body armor.

we know that the military says that they get the armor to those who need it the most, but the others need it none the less. at this point we have not heard of any one still lacking the breast and back plates, but some are still lacking the delt and side plates… the very things that were just such a hot topic when it came to the recent pentagon study regarding mortality and the marines… if you haven't read this study and want to, let me know…

our web site dedicated to this effort will be going up in the next two weeks, it is being worked on by a really good designer, and what we have seen looks wonderful. you'll all love it.

our first real bake sale will be Feb 11, here in Helena, but we will be looking for folks who want to host sales in other places, and there will be a place to post them on the site. we also plan to have a virtual bake sale, where you can down load pictures of baked goods with a receipt for your tax free donation, if you just want to donate to the cause.

we have the pay pal account set up, it will go up with the website, and a way for folks to sign up people who need things is also going up.

which brings us to the point where we say that this site is not limited to body armor alone..we will always put a soldier lacking armor at the top of the list, but, anything else a soldier needs over there, we will try to get for them…

our very good friend and sponsor, at bring it on, has come up with a fundraiser to support this cause.I've given you the link below… what i really like about this is that it addresses the need for the body armor, at the same time as it says… "What the hell do all these yellow ribbons have to do with real support of the troops"


If everyone were to buy one of these stickers, if everyone who bought one of those lousy magnets were to replace them with one of these stickers, just think how much body armour that would buy for our brave men and women in the armed forces? This is just about the least any of us could do, and as pathetic as it is that our own government hasn't done their part, We the People can do better. This is a very simple, very real way we can show our support to our troops. Dump those damn magnets today and do your part to buy our troops the body armour they need. Bless you all!!!

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