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Friday, March 10, 2006

Indicted: my aunt fannie!

So I just got on line a few moments ago; only to be greeted with this heartstopping little headline from CNN:

No, not the first story; the one that says Dems Indicted: Clinton and Kerry Targeted

Heart pounding, I click on the link to be greeted by this duplicitous ugly mug and a modified headline:

followed by this completedly predictible, utterly reprehensible diatribe by the biggest, stinkiest pot having the nerve to call the kettle anything:

Mehlman's text reflected his intention to argue that Clinton's solution to support U.S. troops in Iraq was higher taxes and poked fun at Kerry for joining in the unsuccessful challenge to Supreme Court justice Samuel Alito's nomination from a conference in Davos, Switzerland.

In the 2004 campaign, presidential nominee Kerry was widely criticized for his comment about voting for $87 billion for U.S. forces and then voting against it. Mehlman will parody that line in his speech.

"They say one thing come election time, but their records show that they mean - and will do - another,'' the text said. ``They were for the Iraq war before they were against it. They were for the Patriot Act, until the far-left came out against it. ... I've bought used cars and I know a bait-and-switch when I see it."

Oh that kind of indicted. haha, I'm busting a gut here. (Can I sue somebody?)

The worst, most scandal-ridden, most despicable Administration in the entire history of the United States of America, and this is all they've got; no surprise really.

What disgusts me is their sick little enablers, that noble Free Press that arrogant, cynical propagandists who know damn well how utterly full of crap they are, still dare to call "leftist" media. Just another day in the world of slimy-filled GOP talking point purveyors and the lame-assed wimpy SCLM that loves them.


DA**! I KNEW I should have checked dkos first before posting this; sorry about that. Eh, great minds and all... LOL!

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