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Saturday, October 21, 2006

legendary guitar tales

Rockers share stories of their most prized possessions.

This bit took me by surprise:

In 1966 Beck gave Page the guitar that was used on the first Led Zeppelin recordings (the Walsh and Beck guitars can be seen in the band's DVD release from 2003). While fans have long thought Beck gave Page the rosewood 1959 Fender Telecaster as a thank-you for getting him in the Yardbirds, Beck says he gave it to him when he quit the band.

"I left the day I gave it to him. I walked out," Beck says. "I was in Dallas. I said 'Jim, I've had enough of this. You'd better have this guitar. I can't be bothered to take it home.' I just ran to the airport with my bag and went home."

Count me as one of those fans who never knew the correct version of this story.

Fun read!

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