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Sunday, August 20, 2006

what he said: get your drive by tragedy fix 24/7 on cnn

All JonBenet, All the Time.

To be honest this is only one of the reasons I avoid watching news on TV. To be completely honest, though, I find that I also try to avoid the other perhaps, more relevent news as well, these days. Just can't take it right now...

Nevertheless, the point made is completely valid and raises another disturbing issue with me. Why is it that these horror stories are eaten up by the public? There really and truly seems to be an utterly sick and perverted obsession with tragedies like Jon-Benet as if a large segment of our population just can't get enough of it.

I find that every bit as frightening as the events that inspire these obsessive fixes. As an indication of our collective national health, it just doesn't seem to be a particularly healthy sign at all. I can't help wondering if more people turn it off and walk away than these news channels seem to believe...

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