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Sunday, May 13, 2007

an update from the ethereal plane

Oh I just cannot believe how horribly long it has been since I've been here to post. Makes me so sad... I've been busy, I've been sick, I've been uninspired for the most part. But I'm up early this Mother's Day morning perusing my fav reads and Crooks and Liars has just made my Mother's Day with this sneak preview of Rush's Far Cry from Snakes and Arrows.

My little sis already has the CD, super-mega-Rush fan that she is, but along with everything else in my disorganized life right now, I've not fired up iTunes for a listen yet, but it sounds great and I'm so excited coz the 3 of us are gonna FINALLY go see Rush for the first time EVER on July 25th (the day after hubby and my 25th wedding anniversary - what an AWESOME present) and my summer has just been made!!!!

In other news, phase 3 of our major remodelling project is just about to roll out - probably by mid-June. We've bought the ubatuba granite and the Eleganza travertine porcelain tile in Ocre for the floors, we've got a contractor and a cabinetmaker who is going to build us some gorgeous caramel maple cabinets and today we bought the kitchen appliances. All we've gotta do now is buy the undermount sink and faucet and the door pulls and knobs and then we are good to go.

Stu and I have also planted some flowers - blue wonder heliotropes and creamy minature roses and Gazania Gazanias in the front and mulitcolor impatiens, sunny yellow crysanthemums in the back - and enjoyed a gorgeous mild and sunny day today for our shopping.

Oh and we finally bought paint to complete our master bedroom redecorating job: One wall is going to be Jakarta (DEC737) and 3 walls Gourmet Honey (DE6150) from Dunn-Edwards. Stu already installed our ceiling fan and once the walls are painted, the draperies up I guess I will have to snap a few pics of the lovely made over bedroom.

I really should post the sunroom, and bathroom remodel pics as well but I'm guessing I won't get around to any of that till the kitchen is done. Wish I could be more faithful to my blog but I guess I just need a big ole break - someday, I hope I'll get myself together and get back here regularly. Right now, though, nothing is on schedule, on time, or particularly coherent. I don't know why - I blame it on my brain adjusting to midlife. LOL! I need to drink more water, eat more raw, and get my life in order.

Happy Mother's Day to all you lovely moms out there!!!

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