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Sunday, December 19, 2004

Tom Hanks, Today's George Bailey?

That totally would work for me! I love the original It's A Wonderful Life ~ in fact, we will probably watch that one tonight as we faithfully do every holiday season. Jimmy Stewart is the perfect George Bailey and I will never tire of seeing him in that role.

But if a new version were to be done, I think Tom Hanks is probably the only actor I could truly see in that role; and I think he would do an awesome job.

here is where the article can be found and the ideas of actors for the other roles are intriguing... in fact I agree with most all of them!

The ideal dream team (for me anyway) would be a Spielberg directed/produced remake with Hanks as Bailey, Zellwegger as Mary, Depp in the role of Clarence... but I was thinking maybe Gene Hackman would be an intriguing Mr. Potter. Alan Rickman really is a great idea, too, though....

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