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Monday, December 13, 2004

joy is the real reason for the season!

I also posted this to my journal but I wanted to share this linkie and mirror post the entry that I wrote there as well:

This is just a quick one, to post a link to a story that I found and really love because it really reflects my own philosophy about this beautiful and miraculous season! Although I consider myself to be an eclectic, solitary Pagan, I have an absolute respect for the symbols and the wisdom to be found in all the great religious teachings including the one I was raised in. While it has never really been an issue for me, I do know that everyone is different and unique in their feelings on the matter and the way they choose to practice their beliefs and the way that they handle this time of year.

But I just love the message and the spirit of joy behind Visions of Sugarplums by Margaret Morrison and so I really wanted to share the linkie here! And may this Season of Light fill every heart with joy and with hope!

I found the wonderful story at The Crystal Forest!

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