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Monday, January 24, 2005

blog housekeeping

I spent the better part of yesterday morning trying to reorganize my extensive blog read list into more logical categories. The only drawback is that by keeping only one group on the blogroll list, I lose the advantage of knowing who has updated so I can quickly find it, within the other categories that I've created. And obsessed blog-reader and link whore that I am, I really do read all my linkies and really wanna know when my favs have updated. But I'm too cheap to pay for an upgraded blogroll (though I'm seriously reconsidering that at this point) and too dorky to figure out if there is another way to get an updating option on all of the blogs without paying for it.

In any case, I wanted to make note of the fact that I've created additional categories and tried to arrange blog-reads in a more organized fashion but in some cases the lines of definition get very blurred so it may not be quite as logically organized as intended. First of all, every female with a blog is a blog goddess in my estimation but if that particular blog goddess is more political blogger than anything else, I tried to leave her blog in the blogroll with all the political bloggers I read. There may be one or two exceptions to that rule as well and that would be those blog goddesses and blog renaissance men that probably blog less politically but that I absolutely have to know right now as soon as they update so I don't miss it so I left them in the blogroll.

The other category that saw the biggest growth were the poets, artists and other visually beautiful blogs that got moved from the political blogroll to the Feed Your Senses category.

I encourage anyone to check all these categories out because they are all wonderful blogs and I love them all. I hope this rearranging will be helpful in checking out blogs with a similar theme or tone to fit any mood.

So, in case anyone cares besides me, the categories are (loosely) as follows:

  • blue solidarity (political blogs)

  • all the girls say (not necessarily blogs, female related sites)

  • blog goddesses (favourite female bloggers, not primarily political)

  • blog renaissance men (favourite male bloggers, not primarily political)

  • feed your head (political blogs and think tanks; the big guns)

  • feed your soul (great spiritual resources of every kind-one of my passions)

  • feed your senses (blogs that are a treat for one or more of the 5 senses)

  • happy-fun blogs (blogs that make me smile, that I like just because)

  • 2nd star to the right (space, occult, paranormal blog fun!)

  • the resourceful ones (self-explanatory: resources)

  • shining stars (astrology blogs I totally love)

  • Many of the categories are probably going to grow exponentially in the next few days so keep checking them. Anyway, if you are looking for a blog that was in the blogroll and isn't anymore, then scroll on down because it will be in one of the categories listed. Ummm, okay, end of long and drawn out explanation. That is all....

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