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Friday, January 21, 2005

hypocrisy and the evangelical right

I received an email with this editorial referenced so I went looking for it online and found it at

A snippet of Donald Kaul's Beyond the Beltway's Let Evangelicals Heal Themselves:

" I do not make any extravagant claims for my own moral worthiness. I’m relatively honest, more or less generous, somewhat compassionate and fairly dependable. I figure that puts me somewhere in the middle third of the population, morals-wise. (If I were in Congress, I’d be in the top 10 percent.)

There’s one thing I do not do, however; I do not tell other people how to live their lives. So long as they do not harm others or take advantage of the weak and helpless, I am willing to let them alone and I ask that they do me the same favor."~~~DK, 12-08-04

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