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Thursday, February 24, 2005

just when you think it can't get stupider

Horowitz and Hannity perpetuate a lie without bothering to...GASP... check facts; but that's okay because when they don't, you can be sure that Media Matters will. Report here.

The unadulterated partisanship of the fair and balanced network is surpassed only by the complete audacity with which they operate. Furthermore, this misguided individual got air time to vent his spleen on the so-called left-biased Mainstream Media as well.

I cannot understand how these people continously get a free pass to blatantly distort the truth. Hannity has already been notoriously guilty of making false statements, been corrected by others over them, and then goes right back to repeating them again as if he'd never been informed of the falseness of them in the first place. The lack of accountability coming from these purveyors of right thinking is completely shameless. Why it continously surprises me each time they up the ante with something even more shameless, I'll never know. It just blows my mind that they operate this way and get away with this outrageous behaviour, REPEATEDLY and without any real or lasting consequences to uphold any accountability or responsibility for the abuses.

Meanwhile, the poor professor that was falsely maligned gets no chance to respond to the program giving air time to blatant distortions. So off the mark was this story that a pair of conservative bloggers both stated that the essay was poorly written and neither did it answer the essay question correctly nor would it have been deemed worthy of a passing grade.

That this non-story got any kind of airtime at all is just disgraceful; but the most disgusting part of it is that there is an audience, an unquestioning, non-critical thinking audience that gets its sole information from the likes of Fox and takes it at its word that it is the Fair and Balanced Network. And institutions of higher learning and those who have dedicated their lives to the education of the masses are dealt this kind of treatment in thanks. Not only do we have students who are wilfully trying to evade and avoid learning to think critically but we have news sources like the Fox News Network no doubt serving as the training ground and mouthpiece to this kind of idiotic, simpleminded attitude ~ as well as the perfect place to exploit non-stories like this one and as an added bonus, perpetuate their witchhunt on liberal institutions, you know those demonic entities otherwise known as UNIVERSITIES.

SICKENING! We the People really need to get our act together and grow the He** up; if we don't our reward is going to be exactly what it is shaping up to be: a nation of ignorami that vilifies its only hope to escape the prison of ignorance we've stupidly and willing marched into, handing the keys of our freedom of thought over to corporate run propaganda machines. Left Wing Media MY A**!

Yes, this one pushed all my buttons. I thought about editing this... but no. This makes me sick; I really wish the collective audience of these programs would wake up and make the networks that run erroneous propaganda like this accountable for their actions. I wish that same audience would look into this stuff and use the brains God gave them to ask hard questions and make some attempt at weighing the facts against the relentless rhetoric; and if the facts comes out wanting in the reporting of the news and information given, I really wish that audience would take those news sources to task by complaining. I wish that they would demand something better or just plain old turn the t.v. off before they give support to shameless storytellers and distorters of truth who have the nerve to proclaim the veracity of their very lies. I wish people would grow up, own their responsibility to help keep our news sources accountable for integrity. Because this agenda isn't being played out in a vacuum. It is getting alot of uninformed, apathetic assistance. And that just breaks my heart and makes me sick.

This is what my outrage looks like. No, it isn't very pretty. So be it. Publish post....

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