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Monday, June 20, 2005

jimmy page records rock'n'roll with jerry lee

Found this very cool little Japanese Jimmy Page fansite the other day, making me wish once again that I could read Japanese but in any case it features lots of lovely little bits of eye candy, and while I can't read the words, there are often links that lead to places where I usually can.

This was the first place that I found this link and the news that Jimmy had just recorded Rock and Roll with Jerry Lee Lewis for an upcoming all-star album entitled The Pilgrim.

Rock has a blurb about it here.

And if you have a Window Media Player (which I don't because I can't bear the thought of downloading yet another player but I really may have to break down so I can hear this), you can hear a snippet of it by clicking the link on this page; the word is out that JP gives an amazing solo performance and I can only imagine that this collaboration between the pair of legends really rocks.

I'm adding The Pilgrim (due out in September 2005) to my current must-haves CD wishlist which includes The Foo Fighters In Your Honor (which BTW contains a guest appearance of JPJ playing mandolin on the cut Another Round) and Coldplay's X&Y.

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