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Monday, August 22, 2005

2000 anti-war protesters show up in SLC

Local newsclip from Utah can be watched here; link courtesy Al Rodgers' Diary at dKOS.

I've got to admit I was really surprised at this number considering that Utah went about as red as a state could go in the last election.

But then again, when my own dear Republican hubby can say about certain members of his own party (without flinching), "these people are insane", you know that cold harsh reality is beginning to seep into the American mindset, and not a moment too soon.

Poor hubby has had to make this statement more than once the last few weeks, but the source of this latest declaration was over the despicable hypocrisy of Michael Ledeen's ridiculous smear of Sen. Chuck Hagel, for having the courage and decency to speak out about Iraq. James Wolcott calls the big chickenhawk out here; link also courtesy dKOS, via Armando's Diary there.

I've said it before but from this moment forward, EVERY SINGLE TIME I read about one of these gutless chickenhawks who have NEVER SERVED A DAY IN THEIR LIVES and haven't even the remotest clue about what war is really about, open their lying mouths to try and smear someone who has served, I am going to call them on it, like a broken record.

These people who have never served but have a great big hard on about sending our young men and women to war, have ZERO CREDIBILITY. They don't understand the cost of war, therefore they have no right criticizing those who have served with honour and call this war a what it is; a bloody horrible mess.

Look, I'm no expert in war. I'm an admitted, avowed peacemonger. But if anyone has the right and the obligation to speak about war without being smeared over it, it ought to be those who have served. I've watched over and over again while the Republican Noise Machine has viciously attacked Purple Heart earning veterans like John Kerry, Max Cleland, and even their own party member John McCain, when it suited them to do so. Likewise, Chuck Hagel's years of honoured service and Purple Hearts and Bronze Star will not shield him from the vile attacks coming from the smear machines on the right. This would be ludicrous, utterly laughable if it wasn't so completely contemptible. It's just SICK.

And I'm completely outraged by it. And the worst part of it all, is that almost without fail, the attackers have absolutely NO credentials, NO years of service, NOTHING to show for their self-righteous diatribes. ZERO CREDIBILITY. It's despicable.

As far as I'm concerned, Bill Maher ought to add this to his New Rules (if he hasn't already). This one would save the United States, indeed the entire world a whole lot of grief. This is the rule:


NO armchair quarterbacking for YOU. They've raised the enlistment age and they are not making their quotas. No excuses. Walk your talk. If you can't do that, then in the name of all that is Holy; all that is Righteous and True, please refrain from opening your wicked mouths to smear anyone that opposes this war, particularly those who understand the cost first hand.

And who are they? They are soldiers, veterans and families of soldiers and veterans. They've done their part. THEY UNDERSTAND THE COST. YOU. DO. NOT.

And leaders who have never seen any real action, and want to attack another country, should NOT BE allowed to make a decision to START a war without listening to those who have seen real action. At the very least, if you haven't served, and those who have wish to share their wisdom about having done so, then for GOD's SAKE try LISTENING to them for a change instead of SMEARING THEM.

Oh, and one more thing. You can take your purple heart band-aids and shove 'em right up where the sun don't shine as far as I'm concerned. That there wasn't more outrage about that despicable moment is beyond me. Shame on each and every person who had the unmitigated nerve to pull that classlessly heartless stunt. And these are the same people who have the nerve to say that they support the troops and those who want to bring our soldiers home from this debacle, want them to have the armour and the benefits that is their right to, that people like that do not support the troops. Support the troops, my A@@.

Actually, as I think about this, I realize that I do have one bit of authority on this. I am a mother. And as any mother can tell you, we did not bring our children into this world to be sent off to fight a war that we believe is unethical, immoral and uncalled for.

If you feel differently, then the ball is in your corner. Take it and go. Take it all the way to Iraq, if that is really how you feel. But for heaven's sake don't smear others' who cannot support this war. Walk your talk. WALK YOUR TALK. Talk is cheap. And alot of people in this country are waking up and wising up to the cheap talk. And I don't think they are going to take much more of it, especially when it is so blatantly used as a political tool to control the masses, to silence reasonable questions and demands for accountability.

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