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Thursday, August 18, 2005

eye candy galore

Shelley at Burningbird has captured some beautiful images of monarchs and swallowtail, Kameron at Brutal Women has some enchanting photos of Alaska, Karen at Bread Crumbs has images of the desolate beauty of Niger to share, Monica at Blatherskite caught a lovely blue dragonfly with her trusty camera as well and check out the link to the lovely holiday photos at But She's a Girl!

And what've I got? Just a pair of images that neither compare to the beauty of any of these other photos nor the beauty of my subjects: my gorgeous goldfish, becca and edgar (winter). Still, the glorious images provided by these lovely and talented ladies inspired me to at least try to capture something beautiful with my camera! I'm so in love with this camera and the world around me, I refuse to give up trying to get proficient at using it.

Anyway, here's my beautiful goldfish, Becca and Edgar; too bad the photos really don't do them justice:

my attempt (too blurry ~ and I took a bunch just like that unfortunately)

one of Suzanne's attempt with the flash (reduced the blurriness but too washed out)

We also experimented with turning all excess lighting off and that did work to get perfect tone and no blur... but because nobody could see anything we never were able to get the two fish close together and inside the camera view finder. LOL! Oh well; I'm just gonna keep on working on it.

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