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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

jp receives Q's icon award in london 10-10-05

This is so yesterday's news, but better to catch it a day late than not at all. I searched in vain for an image to go with this post yesterday but since I couldn't find an AP one, I gave up and didn't end up posting this till today. Oh well...

Old guard of British Music recognised at Q awards

Hosting the annual Q awards ceremony, presenter Jonathan Ross joked that the magazine's strapline should read: "Too old for dance, too scared for rap." Fittingly, this year's event lavished most of its attention on the old guard of British music, with laurels going to artists like Ray Davies, Jimmy Page, Paul Weller and the Bee Gees.

Ross Halfin's got some great images of the event under the October 10th Journal entry. I'm dying to post one here but I'm thinking maybe that would be a great big no-no! So be sure to go check them out over there and enjoy the always witty anecdotal missives of the lovely and talented Ross Halfin.

And for more gossipy post-mortem of the event from Xfm's Q Awards Backstage Round Up includes this choice tidbit as part of the highlights:

Icon Award winner Jimmy Page from Led Zeppelin (5' 11") successfully, and silently, barging past a very irate bouncer (6’4”) who wouldn’t let him into the VIP bar.

Not exactly Q Awards related but definitely Jimmy Page related, former Zep producer EddieKramer laments wane of rock musicianship

Superstar producer/engineer Eddie Kramer is also closely associated with Led Zeppelin, and he is disheartened that today's musicians seem so disinterested in music. Despite Zeppelin's hard-partying image, all were master musicians, he says.

"If you think about the two Jimmys - Jimi Hendrix and (Zep guitarist) Jimmy Page - there are a lot of similarities there. They were both very clear about their direction. (Page) had a vision, a very clear vision of what he wanted to hear, what he wanted to do. And he was the boss. The contributor was John Paul Jones. He couldn't have done it without any of the guys, that's for sure. But John Paul Jones was his counter balance, musically speaking. Obviously John Paul Jones is very, very highly skilled arranger and composer in his own right. Then you have the most marvelous drummer in the world, and a fantastic singer and away you go. The thing falls apart if one member of the band isn't there. That's what happened when John Bonham died."

"There was a very intense camaraderie. They loved each other. They fought. Jimmy and Robert (Plant) used to butt heads. But think about all the relationships in bands - John (Lennon) and Paul (McCartney) butted heads all the time and the best music came out of that. The same thing with Jimi Hendrix - Jimi butted heads with Chas (Chandler). You do need that." The common denominator, he says, was "the high level of musicianship."

Though I've admittedly quoted alot of the article, if you are a Zep fan it's all really good, and you will want to read the whole thing here.

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