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Thursday, October 13, 2005

pay no attention to that man behind the curtain

Ah yes, just another example of vigorous expression of free speech in Bu$hAmerika. The Administration decides to give a little "video rally for the the troops in Iraq" and part of the deal was to provide a question and answer session. And apparently, when the Administration decides to provide a question and answer session, they are generous enough to provide the participants with the questions they are to ask as well as any answers they are to give.

How very thoughtful...

Crooks and Liars has the video up for those who might not have seen it yet. And in other news of the impending/ongoing WH implosion, C&L also have the heated exchange between Scott McClellan and reporters at the WH Press Conference held earlier today. And BarbinMD has a dKOS entry devoted to it as well.

Enduring this Administration has always been painful; but since the beginning of this year it seems that every single day is a surreal experience of increasingly alarming proportions. And yet something strangely invigorating seems to be underway. Something akin to waking the dead. Or opening a window to let some light and fresh air into a stale room that stinks of despair and fear and corruption. Maybe it is more like that.

I used to think Instant Karma was just somebody's poetic wishful thinking. While it might not exactly be instant, it seems to me that forced accountability and transparency is coming into play at a rapid rate after years of wondering how much lower this group of shamelessly corrupt cretins could go without having to pay the piper. It would seem that we are rapidly moving toward that appointment with karmic destiny. Or as my beloved LZ would say, "Your time is gonna come."

Perhaps, a little sooner than we might have imagined a few bitter months ago? Does one dare to hope and pray that karmic justice is now being served? Will all the lies be exposed, one by one, in a clear and irrefutable form, so that all will be forced to bear witness, even those who have for so long and so desperately tried to deny and avoid it, those who will not want to believe what they see? I've gotta say, it's starting to feel that way...

If so, what else is there to say on behalf of a bitterly divided and utterly downtrodden nation except: Bring it on!

Links and tasty post courtesy of SanJoseLady's diary at dKOS.

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