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Sunday, December 25, 2005

the magnificent 7 list

or something like that... I just like the way that sounds. :-)

I was gonna just stealth-read my blog favs and sneak back out of my blog without posting till tomorrow but when I went to one of my must-reads, I discovered I'd been tagged. Whoops!

I thought I'd pretend I hadn't seen it just yet and wait till tomorrow or the next day, but I started to feel kind of guilty, so here goes.

Then its back to reading blogs coz I'm having major withdrawal due to not being able to spend much time reading them lately due to school and holiday preparations and puppy pre-op/surgery/post-op care. I'll be back in earnest in the next couple of days.

Till then, there's this:

Seven Things To Do Before I Die
See George W. Bush leave office
See Jimmy Page play guitar
Become a certified astrologer
See New England in the fall
Drive, fly or cruise to Alaska
Finally put some long planned for content at my domain
design and finance a retirement cottage some place magickal (probably New Mexico)

Seven Things I Cannot Do
play guitar (or any other instrument)
draw, sketch or paint
speak Spanish (my dad's native tongue-even after several semesters in high school)
crochet or knit
parallel park (gasp!)
give directions to people on the phone

Seven Things That Attract Me to...Blogging
It's a fun way to track and share my internet linking journeys
It's a great opportunity for me to engage in a form of written communication
It's gratifying to find people all over the world who share common ground
Blogging gives me my own special little vanity platform and a small audience
I love to read other people's blogs and get a small peek into their virtual world
Blogs are often a source of alternative news information
Making cosmetic changes to the blog gives me a chance to practice what I'm learning in school

Seven Things I Say Most Often
Jimmy Page
while I was surfing the net
lovely and talented

Seven Books That I Love
Jane Eyre ~ Charlotte Bronte
The Plains of Passage ~ Jean Auel (actually love the whole series)
Living a Beautiful Life ~ Alexandra Stoddard
A Handmaid's Tale ~ Margaret Atwood
Understood Betsy ~ Dorothy Canfield
Desert Solitaire ~ Edward Abbey
Open House ~ Elizabeth Berg

Seven Movies That I Watch Over and Over Again
When Harry Met Sally
Shop Around the Corner
All About Eve
You've Got Mail
It's a Wonderful Life

Seven People I Want To Join In Too
(if they haven't already done this and I apologize for not knowing because I'm way behind on favourite blog reads again!)

And anyone else who wants to play!

And thanks, GK, for always including me in the fun. You totally rawk!!!

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