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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

obsessions with secrecy and the price of liberty

Mousemusings has the Buzzflash link to the latest bit of wisdom from my PBS hero, Bill Moyers: In the Kingdom of the Half Blind.

As always, Moyers is a sane voice in the lost wilderness that has captured the bulk of our press corp; but this haunts me:

In his recent book, The Gospel According to America, David Dark reminds us again of a lesson we seem always to be forgetting, that “as learners of freedom, we might come to understand that the price of liberty is eternal vigilance.” He might well have been directly addressing the press when he wrote, “Keeping one’s head safe for democracy (or avoiding the worship of false gods) will require a diligent questioning of any and all tribal storytellers. In an age of information technology, we will have to look especially hard at the forces that shape discourse and the various high-powered attempts, new every morning, to invent public reality.”

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