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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

wonky and comment free :-(

It's late, late, late and I'm still up. Wired from my first draft deadline and ready to hit phase two hard in the next several days. But I hope I will get to drop in here more and blog once in awhile (or at the very least peruse my very long list of blogroll addictions because I'm having major withdrawal since I've been unable to read my favs much lately due to school... bleah!) and most importantly, try to figure out how to fix the comments problem I'm having.

Yup, as some people may have already figured out, the comments box does not seem to be working... at all. :-( I don't know what I've done wrong but I may end up having to change the blog again just to get them to come back. Hopefully I will be able to resolve it in the next few days. My apologies for the mess I've made of things in here in the meantime.

Anyway, everyone enjoy this beautiful season of light. Merry, jolly, happy, joy to you all!

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