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Monday, April 17, 2006

easter egg chickens

Who knew? Well, at least I didn't anyway.

One of our neighbors has a beautiful little white hen that has completely enchanted me. They let her go out on the front lawn most afternoons to forage for snacks and whenever I pass by their house at that time of day I look forward to the tiny little thrill I get when I catch a glimpse of her, serenely strutting around and pecking away without a single care in the world.

We've begun dreaming of the day when we have retired to some small acreage and can have a free range hen of our own; for her eggs, of course, and every bit as much for her zenlike serenity and faith that all's right with the world. And all will be right in the world of any hen who graces me with her beauty and presence.

Our little hen-neighbor has done as much for my recovery from surgery and stress in these insane times as anything else has. I think it is because she's domesticated but a little bit wild; I've no doubt she is their pet as any hen of mine would be, but that is the kind of pet that is far freer and more aloof than a dog is and even, probably a cat. I love my cat and dogs with all my heart and they've been instrumental in helping me keep my sanity and faith in all that is good as well... but there is something about the innocence and trust that beautiful little hen carries around with her as she goes about her business oblivious to the great big, all too often bad old world.

She trusts that everything will be fine. And every single day the world around her complies with her faith in it. If she can do that, why shouldn't I?

Not exactly un-related; serendipity (synchronicity?) works like that.

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