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Sunday, November 16, 2003

excavating the past

Archeology has always fascinated me but adding the excitement of underwater finds like this truly captures the imagination! Franck Goddio, underwater archeological explorer extrordinaire, has a site full of photos like this one highlighting many of his excavating activities. A thoroughly fascinating site that I never would have found without the link provided by a savvy fellow from a (completely unrelated to this type of topic) newsgroup I've been following.

Another fascinating place I stumbled upon was a beautiful photo history site of Pompeii from photographer John Hauser. Here is another really nice photo site from Tour of Italy.

I hadn't thought much about the story of Pompeii until I read some of the recent buzz about a new novel of the same name by Robert Harris. The review wasn't exactly glowing but then that rarely sways me when I'm interested in a book, movie or music because past history has shown me that I'm rarely disappointed by following my own instincts about things like that.

Now my curiosity about the book has been intensified and I'm probably going to have to indulge in satisfying it with a trip to the book store very soon...

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