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Thursday, November 11, 2004

prayers and thanks to all veterans

some appropriate words from Renaissance Unity

"In war, there are no unwounded soldiers."
~~~ Jose Narosky

Today's Affirmation

We honor and remember those who serve the cause of freedom.

Today's Meditation

Dear God,

Today, we remember the women and men who have served in the armed forces.
Their bravery, sacrifice, courage and willingness to serve the nation is forever appreciated.

In their memory and for the sale of our children, we recommit ourselves to the path and cause of peace.

With Your help, we shall learn to live in peace with each other. By the power of Your spirit and in the name of love, we shall eliminate war from our world.


To all our brave soldiers and every brave veteran throughout our nation's history, bless you and thank you for your courage, your sacrifice, for giving us your very all so every citizen can be free. We are forever in your debt and in our hearts you will always remain. May we always honour your great sacrifice by preserving and protecting our rights and freedoms and by keeping ourselves and our country accountable and strong.

May we never become lazy and take for granted the precious right and responsibilities we have for maintaining a proud and free America. To do anything less, is to do a great disservice to the great sacrifices you have made for us and for our nation.

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