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Thursday, November 11, 2004

where do we go from here

It seems to me that in the last several month, especially, I have personally been spiritually wandering off track. In the midst of what feels very much to me as, not only an American crossroads, but in all likelihood an American crisis, I am stunned to find that even as I feel as though I have hit some sort of an emotional, physical and mental bottom, a light has been quietly lit within.

I find myself open, once more, to the quiet yearnings that I let get buried in the last several months. Right on time, right when I needed it, a door has opened up, if only a crack, and some desperately needed light and air has trickled in.

As if by magic or by some beautiful gift of grace, I have received so many, right-on-time messages in my email box in the last couple of days. Right now, I find myself opening up to hope and I am gratified at how that openness seems to create the opportunity for so many hopeful messages to come through.

This is one that particularly moved me and I felt the need to share it. Just because it might find its way to someone else in need of and open to the message.

"We take another breath and ask, 'now what?' What are we willing and able to do, right now, to create the country and the world we want to live in? This election has galvanized millions of Americans into the political process and surfaced the ideological and theological splits of a continent. Many of us don't know where to go right now. What if the practice of democracy means holding space for uncertainty? What if we step directly into the split and create a refuge - not an answer, but a resting place for seeing each other and our dilemma as fully as we can? The Sufi poet, Rumi, states: 'Out beyond ideas of wrong-doing and right-doing there is a field... I will meet you there.' "
~~~Christina Baldwin and Ann Linnea, PEERSPIRIT CIRCLE TALE, NOVEMBER 2004

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