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Friday, January 07, 2005

two heroes of democracy

I was frankly so depressed yesterday I couldn't bring myself to post this sooner, but I want to say thank you to the courageous women and men who stood up for every US Citizen's right to have their vote counted yesterday. In particular, I'm so very proud of Barbara Boxer the lone Calfornia Senator who stood with Representative Stephanie Tubbs Jones despite the risk of censuring from their so-called peers.

It is obvious by the completely gutless response of every other Democratic Senator that their taking this stand was something risky and dangerous to their very careers.

In truth, it really isn't any wonder that they have much to be concerned about, when the House and Senate is controlled by such illustrious members as Tom DeLay and Dennis Hastert, et al. Like many others in this country (48%???), I have long been cynical about the way congress works (or rather how it really doesn't seem to work at all most of the time) and how far from the original ideal the whole process has become.

But the blatant lack of integrity and the complete arrogance with which it is put on display, by the likes of Tom DeLay is utterly contemptible. They do what they do and without fear of any reprisals because they have been given (or was it stolen???) free reign to do whatever they want, thanks to their stronghold over both houses. They do it because they think that the majority of people in this country are either asleep, utterly stupid or just really don't care.

It's a dark day for democracy in this country and there is going to be zero chance of congress making any real attempt to provide us guaranteed unified national voter reform; none whatsoever. Despite 101 pages of EVIDENCE of voter discrepancies and outright fraud in Ohio (and other states), the evidence will not be reviewed and nothing will be done to rectify the situation or guarantee that it will not happen again.

Meanwhile, THE ONLY ELECTION IN THE COUNTRY, where there is serious talk of having a new vote taken, is where a Republican lost due to recount. This is blatantly telling. And every single citizen should be very afraid. Because ultimately this is not about your side winning. It is about your vote potentially not counting.

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