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Thursday, February 24, 2005

supporting our troops

Listening to Ed Schultz this afternoon and livid from the remarks from a pair of callers attempting to define what constitutes supporting the troops. What they are really talking about is not supporting the troops but supporting the misguided action made by this Administration to invade Iraq. They will never ever get it through their heads that these are two separate things. How convenient to reduce support of the troops to blindly supporting this Administration and allowing no criticism or protest of the disturbing decisions that have been made from the very top.

But then again maybe it isn't so terribly surprising, considering so many on the right grab their talking points from that duplicitous blowhard Rush Limbaugh who is currently spending time busily sending the poisonous message to our troops in Afghanistan that Democrats do not support them.

The appropriate and eloquent response to that deceitful tripe is William Pitt's Commentary, who says it all, once again. But it bears repeating, over and over, until they get it, or in fact, whether they ever [choose] to get it or not.

I have written letters, made donations, kept them (along with the thousands of innocent Iraqis) in my prayers. I think about our troops every single day. I'm horrified at the lip service being given to "support" by this administration even as they show just the opposite.

And I refuse to stand by silently and let someone else twist it around for their own political misuse and abuse: no one else gets to define what I feel or believe about this war, the administration who led us into it or the soldiers who are valiently trying to get through this horror as best as they possibly can. If there is only ONE thing about this God-Awful misguided war that the vast majority of Americans can agree on, it surely must be that our troops deserve our prayers and our moral support.

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