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Thursday, February 24, 2005

up a lazy river

Maureen Dowd has a few words about those experts on everything (except perhaps fact???): Swifties Slime Again.

"Instead of trying to destroy AARP, Republicans should be signing up the seniors' lobby to find Osama.

AARP's super-relentless intelligence network is certainly better than that doddering C.I.A's. Osama has to have turned 50, and AARP somehow knows where everyone who has turned 50 lives.

But no. The same Republicans who used to love AARP when it helped them pass the president's prescription drug plan now hate AARP because it is against the president's plan to privatize Social Security."~~~MD NYT, 02-24-2005

Oh, how I'd love to get these fellas on a sloooooooooow boat to China...

without a paddle....

and let them live out their retirement there....

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