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Saturday, April 02, 2005

schiavo autopsy completed

If only this would put an end to the schism that has been rent in our nation, but it probably will not. The biggest irony: that this very private matter became political fodder and that every single one of us has an opinion on the matter but the vast majority of us had no real knowledge of the actual facts surrounding this situation or the person in question. The vast majority of us are not trained medical personnel, nor did most of us know the patient's actual day to day life and care. Yet we are willing to put our opinions on a pedestal, act as judge and jury (and medical experts????) while we recklessly tear our nation apart over that which we are factually (and in many cases I have to say, spiritually) ignorant.

May this poor woman finally find peace and be free of the insanity that she has left behind.

A footnote: it's a pathetically sad day when cable reporters have the audacity to question the validity of experienced and trained MDs and yet turn a blind eye to the daily assault on our nation by disreputable politicians; what on earth has happened to real journalism in this country?

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