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Monday, June 20, 2005

tell that to marty mcfly

Minding the Planet has a link pointing to this fascinating BBC Science article New model 'permits time travel':

If you went back in time and met your teenage parents, you could not split them up and prevent your birth - even if you wanted to, a new quantum model has stated.

Researchers speculate that time travel can occur within a kind of feedback loop where backwards movement is possible, but only in a way that is "complementary" to the present.

On a perhaps slightly different note (and a metaphysical one at that), I recently listened to a News from the Soul interview with David Icke (yes, that one, I listen to all kinds of out there stuff, I can't resist) and this interview was really interesting and doesn't go into all of that rather icky (pardon the pun; just can't resist it) illuminati stuff that may or may not be true, but is almost certainly too depressing for me to take in anything more than very small doses and with a very large grain of salt. But this really wasn't negative stuff at all, and though it might sound a little nutty to some people, alot of what he said in this particular conversation really resonated with me. Think internet, matrix and the unconscious collective; but it's not a doom and gloom sort of scenario. If you are open-minded, or really curious, check it out!

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