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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

deja vu (allllllll over again...)

Reading John Cusack's wonderful post at HuffPo this evening, I found this haunting gem of a link posted by one of the commenters there:

And that's the way it was, when the tragedy of VietNam finally grinded down to its anticlamactic and demoralizing halt, claiming countless casualties and a nationally wounded psyche. And hauntingly, tragically enough, apparently that's the way it is once again. So sad how 30+ years on we seem to have learned absolutely nothing.

And looking back into that most trusted face of journalistic integrity some 30 years gone, it's truly heartbreaking to realize just how much we've actually lost. Where are our Walter Cronkites now? Where is our Edward R. Murrow? We've had years of national self-deception and self-delusion and nary a peep from that so-called Liberal Media we are always hearing about.

Seeing how far we've strayed from painful lessons we should have learned long ago is insulting enough; the added injury is to be slapped backed to reality once more with the stark reminder that our so-called Free Press has been neutered and muzzled into an insidious and democracy-killing submission. Owned mind, body and soul by the corporate media. The silence by some has been deafening. The distortions pouring from the mouths of apologists have been utterly depressing.

How could things have gotten so bad, gone so terribly wrong in just one small generation? It boggles the mind; it stifles the soul and breaks the heart that believes that our country, which has traditionally been, as Cronkite so eloquently stated "the world's admired democracy" can do so much better than this, for our people and for all people.

link to Walter Cronkite's wise words via Foggy Bog.

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