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Thursday, January 05, 2006

bush blows off mine safety

Just like he blows off just about everything else...

From David Sirota's Blog on Working for Change, Bush ignored explicit warnings in 2002 about mine safety

The 2002 fact sheet and the Chicago Tribune article shows that Bush knew full well that mine safety was suffering - and now we know he didn't do anything about it, to tragic consequences. They can put out GOP hacks and administration spokespeople to deny this reality - but the facts are there. Here's hoping Democrats are able to force an investigation, as requested by Reps. George Miller (CA) and Major Owens (NY) - it's high time the White House answer for its negligence.

And as always I'm not surprised, but I'm really depressed. Does anything really matter to this administration besides lining the pockets of Halliburton and their corporate fatcat compadres? That's a rhetorical question BTW. Everyone already knows the answer to that whether they will allow themselves to admit it or not.


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