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Friday, February 25, 2005

the beautiful art of Kris Waldherr

One of the first bits of wisdom I ever received when learning to read Tarot Cards, was that there really isn't one correct deck to use and when the right deck comes along it will choose you. From the very first moment I saw Kris Waldherr's Goddess Tarot I knew that was the one for me. I first saw the beautiful art in an esoteric magazine which I can no longer even remember the name of, but the art and the accompanying article I will never forget.

I felt a very deep connection to the art and realized that was the deck I really needed to use. The deck also included a fantastic learning resource for a newbie like me, the Goddess Tarot Workbook. I really learned so much from that deck and that book!

From the moment I held those cards in my hands I knew I'd made a real connection with some source inside myself and I've found that inner reflection comes more easily with those cards; everything just flows better with them for me than with the more traditional decks. In fact, I don't really use the others anymore, because I just don't get that same connection. For everyone it is different, and there are a zillion wonderful decks out there, one to suit each individual's need, and that's one of the really great thing about the various options in decks. Every Tarot reader is bound to find a deck that resonates with them.

I don't know why, but I hadn't really looked to see if Kris had an online site; or at least not recently, because I think that I did look for her online before I actually bought the deck. I also remember finding a really great site a few years back called Aeclectic Tarot which has extensive information and reviews of all the major decks; I may have posted about it here or possibly in my online journal because it is such a wonderful Tarot Resource I know I would have had to share the link.

Anyway, while reading one of my favourite astrology bloggers today, the lovely Know It All Astrologer, I noticed she had an intriguing new link to a site that I had to investigate called Art and Words.

When I clicked there I was completely delighted to find out that it is the site of Kris Waldherr. And a lovely site it is too! It links to her beautiful Goddess Tarot and also to a brand new deck which I think I might just have to invest in called The Lover's Path.

It's a really lovely site and you can get a look at the beautiful art on both decks. She even has some downloadable desktops; wish I'd known about them sooner so I could have enjoyed them all through February.

Fer fun, here's the one I used for my desktop today:

A very lovely site! I can't wait to check out all the little nooks and crannies tucked away there.

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