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Saturday, April 02, 2005

online puzzle fun

Enough of the heavy stuff which is giving me a headache and just making me so terribly sad; I've gotta get some homework done in a minute. But this is a bit of lighthearted fun; I did the cute puppy puzzle and I feel a little bit better already!

I love puzzles. But I never had a dedicated table for working one for a long time; so when I did work on one it would end up on a table that needed to be used for something else. I'm just remembering right now that we finally did buy a card table and chairs for the primary purpose of putting puzzles together. And then I pretty much promptly forgot about it. That table is now holding the cage for the guinea pigs that we are fostering. LOL! Now I'm debating whether to go out and get a new table. Oh well, it's not exactly a pressing matter since I won't be starting a puzzle in the next few minutes; better go get my homework done.

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