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Saturday, June 25, 2005

anticipating the da vinci code

Just found a link to a very interesting Beliefnet interview with Bart Ehrman Unpacking the Da Vinci Code.

Although I'm pretty well convinced by the lack of evidence for an historical Christ at all, after reading The Jesus Mysteries and Jesus and the Lost Goddess (currently in progress), this interview with Bart Ehrman does make a distinction between fact and fiction with the Da Vinci Code. He makes an excellent point that unless one is readily familiar with those distinctions, it might lead one to blur the line between the two in reading the book, though Dan Brown has stated he has written a book of fiction based on bizarre facts.

The interview is very much worth the read but having just been exposed these two admittedly controversial, but highly sourced books, I find that with Ehrman's take on the early church, I'm struck not so much by what he has said, but what he appears to have left out. But I leave that to each individual to read, research and question... or not, as sees fit.

In any case, I enjoyed the book, I love the entire cast of this movie, Ron Howard knows how to make exciting movies and I got a thrill watching the trailer. I can't wait to see this movie next year!!!!

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