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Thursday, January 05, 2006

all the bad news fit to print?

Reading the news the last couple of days has just been heartbreaking and depressing. The other day there were half a dozen tragedies listed one right after the other at the place I (grudgingly) get the online headlines. Is it just me or was last week a particularly bad week?

Really and truly I don't like to dwell on these things but I feel almost remiss not paying some sort of sorrowful tribute to it so I began collecting the links the other day but I had to stop at four because it was just too much. Though I know everyone's already no doubt read these and wallowed in the misery of them, this is what I found before I couldn't take it anymore:

Officials Piece Together Coal Mine Tragedy

Suicide Bomber Kills 32 at Iraq Funeral

Body of 14th Victim Found a German Rink

Indonesian Rains Death Tool Could Hit 190

So I walked away from it; but I came back today only to see this.

If I seem as though I've been extra-airheaded and glib lately, I apologize. I'm just not made of that sterner stuff where I can take a steady diet of this sort of thing without hitting that proverbial brick wall and coming face to face with a visceral need to bail.

I find I'd rather dwell on the lighter side of life; and I find that I have a need to create it if I can't find it or I'll just completely lose my mind.

Then again there are little bits of news like this that give me little tiny rays of hope.

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