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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

bad news, good news courtesy National Geographic

While perusing National Geographic site for info about Snowflake, I came across this chilling report:

San Francisco's 1906 Quake: What If It Struck Today? According to this article, it would be a catastrophe of Katrina-esque proportions.

After reading that, I was relieved to find a more positive and potentially very exciting headline there as well:

The End of Oil? Breakthrough Turns Coal Into Clean Diesel.

Still, I think we can (and indeed some incredibly smart people are already working on this very thing and in fact have been for a very long time) come up with even better alternatives. It's just a darn shame that there hasn't been more vigorous public support for research on oil alternatives but then we all know why that has been, don't we?

Frankly, I'll be not one bit surprised if crisis~level shortages will suddenly and miraculously be circumvented by ingenious alternatives flying out of some big name corporations as if from nowhere ~ with a nice hefty price tag and complete monopoly over whatever the miraculous resource turns out to be, of course... yes, I'm cynical.

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