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Sunday, February 27, 2005

a little night music

No, not courtesy of Mozart or Stephen Sondheim although that would be very nice, too...

Just barely finishing up last minute homework; it has been a busy weekend and I'm sooooo tired but I'm relaxing a bit before attempting to head off to dreamland. One of the best ways to reach a relaxed state of bliss (for me at least) is listening to my favourite composer's work as performed by one of my favourite pianists Kathryn Stott. This cd is pure enchantment and has some of the most beautiful musical interpretations of Maurice Ravel and Claude Debussy; she has such a beautiful touch!

And for a little more about my personal classical music weakness:

The Great Claude Debussy and Impressionism.

Arabesque #1 is coming up and I think I will finally be sleepy enough to match my busy-weekend state of exhaustion; then I can call it a night. What a lovely way to bliss out...

"The music I desire must be supple enough to adapt itself to the lyrical effusions of the soul and the fantasy of dreams."~~~Claude Debussy

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